The project is of interest for the state and commercial (insurance) organizations which activity concerns the prevention and liquidation natural disasters.


Our laboratory offers:

1.     The researches on a revealing of connections between strong seismic events and geospheres of the Earth for the purpose of working out an advanced technology of the short-term forecast of strong earthquakes (with advance time of 2-3 days). Depending on degree of seismicity and a spatial arrangement of the certain country it can take from half a year till one year to fulfill the research. The national seismological service provides a number of the data for researches performance.

2.     The outcome of researches will be the technology allowing making short-term forecasts of strong earthquakes with justifience 80-85 %. At close cooperation with national seismological service and usage of their operative geophysical measurements the justifience of the forecasts can be increased up to 95-100 %. In this case forecasts are made together with national seismological service.

3.     In case if national seismological service prefers to compile short-term forecasts of strong earthquakes independently the sale of the patent on short-term forecasts of earthquakes drawing up is probable, but only for territory of the given country. Also the executed researches and technology of short-term earthquakes forecasting are transferred to national seismological service.

4.     The research work is financed by the interested party.


If interested, please contact Victor N.Bokov